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NOTE: Due to life threatening illness, Sharlot will not be working until further notice.

β€œTo facilitate your optimal health & well-being by addressing your issues through collaborative work such as Counselling and Reiki Healing.”

My story began in the UK, where I worked as a Registered Nurse, married and had my first child. In 1990 we migrated to Australia, but that life upheaval was just the beginning.

My husband came out as gay and we separated amicably in 1995 so he could live with fulfilment and integrity. This really marked the start of my own Queer* journey.

My journey covered a lot of ground: I came out myself as lesbian, then bisexual. I supported a transgendered partner through transition.

I became active in Melbourne's Queer* community and had a particular interest in supporting people, volunteering with the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard and the Women's Information and Referral Exchange.

I embraced polyamory and helped found PolyVic, a major Polyamorous support community.

In 2012 I received Bachelor of Social Work at RMIT and began working as a counsellor, specialising in the GLBTI and Poly communities: covering relationships of all stripes, gender and general life concerns.

These days my two adult children live independently although I love that they still look to me for support through life events. I currently live with my wife and my partner.

I founded Purple Healing as a way to work doing what I love: supporting people, especially the Queer*/Poly communities.

*I use "Queer" as an inclusive term for LGBTI / Marginalised Orientations, Gender Identities, Intersex and Relationship Orientations.

Note: I cannot provide psychological diagnosis nor medicare or other rebates.