I have a strong focus on diversity at Purple Healing.

I'm a queer woman with trans partners and overlap into enough areas that I've taken a keen interest in intersectionality and inclusiveness.

Transgender / Gender Diverse / Nonbinary

My focus is on you and your unique gender journey. Some trans folk are concerned about assessments by gender clinics – I'm not connected to any of those, I just have a lot of experience with trans and gender diverse people.

Let's get to the heart of your gender story so we can celebrate and affirm you, and perhaps steer around a few obstacles.

Same-sex partners

I can help navigate exploring your own feelings, coming out, or just discuss your relationships without assumptions or judgement. I've been there.


Opening up your relationship? Exploring your "emotional orientation" and whether monogamy makes sense for you at all? Or just need to discuss a poly relationship without having to educate the counsellor? As co-founder of PolyVic I've got lots of experience and am ready to help.


BDSM, Dominants, Submissives, play parties – my kink might not be your kink but I know the ropes well enough to discuss concerns, consent within kink, or just to see past the kink to help with overlapping relationship issues.