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NOTE: Due to life threatening illness, Sharlot will not be working until further notice.

My name is Sharlot Clark, the person behind Purple Healing Counselling Services.

Who is Purple Healing for?

Counselling can help anyone going through challenges and change in their lives, by providing perspective and insight.

Spiritual Healing such as Reiki can help anyone through illness, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and more by helping bring wholistic balance and peace.

For all counselling, my approach is:
• Queer-friendly – Bi, lesbian, pansexual, gay, asexual, demisexual and beyond
• Poly-friendly – Polyamory - ethical, consensual non-monogamy
• Trans-friendly – Transcending simple notions of biology, sex and gender
• Kink-friendly – I understand what BDSM can add to a relationship and what helps keep it safe, sane and consensual
• Sex-workerfriendly – I offer informed, non-judgemental support
• Fat-accepting – Health At Every Size
• Inclusively feminist – Valuing all women and our challenges in a male-oriented world.
• Sex-positive – Celebrating sexuality not avoiding it

People In Relationships

I believe all relationships begin with individuals understanding themselves and their needs. When individuals understand themselves they can better communicate and connect with partners. I offer relationship coaching and counselling for relationships of all stripes: from straight or queer couples to polyamorous tribes/polycules.

People with complex or unexplored Gender or Sexual Identity

My partners are transgendered and I have a solid understanding of various gender issues including transition, identity questioning, and telling the family. I'm also keen to listen to you about your individual perspective, as I understand everyone is different.

People unsure of Life Purpose & Career

Where is your life going? Are you in a career that'll keep you happy? I can help you explore these questions and suggest strategies for discovering how to live a life of connection and meaning.

People Facing End of Life

Whether you or someone you love is approaching the end of their time, I can consult with you about making the most and making arrangements.

People In Grief

If a family member has died, naturally I can help you work through that. But don't dismiss other kinds of grief. Pets are family members too, and their loss can be difficult to process. A family member "coming out of the closet" as queer or transgendered can also feel like a loss. I can help guide you through.

Stressed Out People

Feeling under pressure? Work or family life pushing your buttons? I can offer effective tools and techniques to help prioritise and lessen the load, and to minimise the effects of the stress that remains.

By Appointment

Visit there Terms and Contact pages to decide whether in-person or video-chat is best for you and to book your appointment.

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Note: I cannot provide psychological diagnosis nor medicare or other rebates.